You’re buying a motorcycle and your salesperson introduces you to the F&I guy. Why?

You’ve just found the perfect motorcycle.

You shake hands on a price and you’re ready to ride. Then you hear: “This is our F&I guy (or gal) and I’d like you to meet him (her).” Joy is put on hold over Finance & Insurance? Why?

Money. Convenience. Security. Peace of Mind. Options.

You need a clear, correct title and registration. Our F&I person (let’s call him “James”) does this every day. James is focused and quick at this tedious paperwork, so your plates won’t be delayed for an incomplete form and your new adventure bike won’t get registered with the state as belonging to your similarly-named cousin.

You need insurance. You may have insurance. Bring your policy: James may have a cheaper or better-coverage policy available. If you don’t, James can work with your insurance company and save you a trip to the insurance office.

You need to pay for the bike. You may have cash or pre-approved financing. No sweat. But ask James what he has anyway. There may be a special deal that month from that manufacturer on that model. Manufacturers give dealers incentives to move bikes, some pretty big and many specifically involving financing. James can work with a variety of companies and possibly save you money and a long visit to a possibly motorcycle-clueless bank. (“What’s an ‘MV Agusta’?”)

Now you’re financed and insured – ready to ride. James has one more set of deals to offer: service and warranty options. Dealers often offer serious discounts on scheduled maintenance costs if you commit to their shop rather than to their respected competitor 30 miles down the road. If you plan to keep your bike a while, basic factory warranties are extendable and expandable. If you have worries about flat tires in-the-middle-of-Death-Valley (or anywhere else), tire and tow policies can be had and they just might pay for themselves quickly.

Motorcycle dealers like happy, repeat customers. A way to insure that is to make easily available everything you could possibly need to get your new or used bike on the road. F&I services can be a big part of that.

Now go for that ride.