1976 Moto Guzzi Le Mans l

1976 Moto Guzzi Le Mans l  39,140 miles. Bike has an interesting history. Owned for past 39  years by David Vendola, a friend of the founders of Pro Italia in Knoxville TN. Raced in the original Battle of the Twins series, then street ridden in it’s retirement !

In Dave’s words, “1976 Lemans l with cases from 73′ 850 T. We raced this machine with support by Volunteer M/C Sales (Ducati, Guzzi, Laverda, Norton) in Knoxville, TN in mostly local with some endurance events. Chris Rossi was the premier rider but Richard Chambers rode also in Nashville. Ed Mcllineaux and Chris ran the Six Hours in Charlotte but the bike crashed and burned after a pit stop.” ( This isn’t an unusual occurrence, when a Le Mans fell on it’s side and slid, a dislodged spark plug cap could light any dripping fuel.)

“I decided to race it in the original Battle of the Twins class of the AMA in the early 80’s. We ran stock and modified amateur. Riverside, Loudon, Talledega, Road America, and Daytona. Also on the circuit, Jimmy Adamo, Dave Emde, Dave Roper, Malcolm Tunstall,and other fine riders. Got to know Johnny Bettencourt, Dave Singleton, and Reno Leni. My sponsor was Karala Cox of Darkroom in Knoxville whose husband Madison campaigned a Ducati 900 bevel drive and later a BMW twin. Best finish for me was a 3rd a time or two, however I never crashed out and earned a National #36.”

“Paint is by ‘Bones’ Cooper, a noted craftsman who does motorcycles along with custom cars. Engine has a lighten flywheel and Bubs pipes.”

At our shop and Moe’s Cycle Garden, the bike has been gone through with fluids changed, steering head bearing changed, fresh tires, reconnecting the Guzzi linked brake system, and carbs cleaned. This bike isn’t presented as an original stock bike but one you can street ride and vintage race.   $8,995    VIN ZV3166

Our Price $8,995.00
VIN: ZV3166

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