2016 Ducati MS1200 Enduro

2016 Ducati MS1200 Enduro 10 miles new with full factory unlimited mile warranty. Leading axle forks, sump guard, heated grips, center stand, 8 gallon gas tank. Traction control and abs with off road modes. Shoulder laced wire wheels with tubeless tires for easy repair while on you adventure. Optional Tour Tech luggage. $21,295 msrp  Sale priced at $16,995  One only. DUGB014354 Financing at fair rates and trades welcomed.


The new Multistrada 1200 Enduro is a different animal, with Ducati having used 266 new or updated parts to turn the bike into something that’s more capable as an off-road machine. Ducati staff says that list doesn’t include little things like bolts, washers, or nuts either, but rather 266 real, major components.

From “Cycle World” “That list starts with a larger, 19-inch spoked front wheel and 17-inch spoked rear wheel, plus updated suspension with an additional 30mm of travel front and rear. The bike has a claimed 205mm of ground clearance (35mm more than the Multistrada 1200) and while the Ducati Skyhook Suspension system’s hardware is identical to that on the Multi, it has been re-calibrated to better handle the abuse this bike will be subjected to in the dirt. Can you say, jumps?”


Our Price $16,995.00
VIN: DUGB014354

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