Marc (it’s a “C” not a “K”) is a Ducati Master Tech who was born in northern Michigan. He sacrificed his love of the cold and dreary weather and minimal days to ride bikes and moved to SoCal. Marc’s fixed a bike from virtually every manufacturer and works on many of the Desmo’s that come into the shop as well as some other very special street and track bikes. Marc’s been riding since he was 13 and has been working on Ducati’s for more than 15 years (he says he loves working on all Italian bikes because “they have personalities and require great problem solving skills”). He commutes to work on a ’96 Monster and is partial to naked bikes (“I love to see the components and engine”). As Marc says, “Our team has a passion for motorcycles and for our manufacturers, a desire to solve difficult problems, a respect for each other and our customers, and we want to make the bikes run the very best that they can”. Marc loves the outdoors and is an avid “mud runner”. We’ve asked him to shower when he comes to work… he’s trying.

Guy (“I’m really not from the South”), a Ducati Master Tech and Certified Triumph Tech, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His Dad, still riding in his seventies, gave him the gift of motorcycling when he was four, and he’s never looked back. Guy started working on his own dirt bikes as a teen, but when he went to his first track day he was seduced by road racing, and by a certain Ducati single that was showing a bunch of more powerful racers the quick way around. That led to his specializing in European motorcycles. He loves Ducatis, old and new, but particularly, as he says, “…my two valve ‘ground-pounders”, but he knows that every bike he touches is somebody’s baby. Guy also loves Triumphs, especially the 675R that he considers one of the very best track bikes. “By far, the most rewarding part of our job is customers coming in with huge smiles, telling us how happy they are with what we’ve done with their bikes.” Guy has fallen in love with SoCal and when the shop is closed (at least he thinks it is) can be found in the water along the Pacific Coast. Guy is available for boogie board instruction at a nominal fee.

Joshua, is a SoCal native and nearing his first year here at Pro Italia. He attended U.T.I. for auto tech training from there he went on to customer service for an online company. Josh then got a job as an apprentice at a well-known café racer shop in Long Beach CA. Josh came to Pro Italia as a lot tech and we noticed his dedication, great eye for detail, budding mechanical skills and… his beard. Well the beard clinched it and we sent Josh off to training as a Triumph tech. Josh works closely with Guy as his mentor and is making great contributions to the Service team. If you ever wonder who Josh is… just look for the beard. He promises not to shave it.

Sandro (“I never get lost… do I?) Sandro is a rarity… a true Southern California native. He’s an all around gear head, who started off as a BMW car enthusiast. His family, from Mexico, is responsible for some of the finest taco shells and chips around and Sandro is gracious enough to bring them to work often. Sandro’s worked at various performance shops, learning the in’s and out’s of BMW’s, Mini’s and Ferraris. Five years ago he joined the bike world and has been smitten ever since. He has recently taken to the track (but not on it). Sandro’s new to the Pro Italia family, and is looking forward to being a lifetime member. He’s young… we’ll see.